PoliTricks feat. Mitchy Slick & Alfred Howard

from by Vokab Kompany

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In Nov. of last year, as most likely anyone who has followed us on social media knows, I (Burkey) was involved in constant debates with those whom, we now know, were spreading #RussianTroll farm propaganda….I too was a victim, clinging to issues I believed to represent my ideals. This ploy by the great divider worked on us, America, the old “Divide and Conquer” strategy.

I was so frustrated at the time, that anyone I knew could support #45, and were rallying around issues, which to me, as someone who married an immigrant, worked in the inner cities most of my life, been a welfare child, marched at a young ager to stop apartheid, support equal rights for women, gays etc….the fact that I actually knew people who didn’t support these things truly perplexed me.

After the bomb dropped on Nov 8th, in the midst of battling several former friends on FB, I had to pull my car over and call a time out.

I wrote a few simple lines and the catharsis began “FUCK THE #GOP AND THE #DNC, MY IPHONE NEWS AND YOUR #FOXTV” and from there it went.

From the #DAPL to #BowlingGreen, #Kaepernick to #RussianBots, it was rigorous.

I asked Rob if he was down to work on a track like this track. I didn’t wanna force it on him, as he is an amazing connector and NEVER tries to divide, and I respect that so much. He was down and we set to work on recruiting two other voices:

Mitchy took this track to another level. As someone who has experienced systematic oppression via gang injunction, his neighborhood victimized by police brutality, and living through one of the most tumultuous times in SD history.

AKA “The hardest working man in SD music”
Al is one of my favorite poets. His unique use of sarcasm and a vernacular carefully woven to toe the line of whatcha think, paints a picture I find dear to my own heart. He had posted this poem on IG, and I must have watched it 50 times. I begged him to flow it onto this track, and he graciously conceded, coming out of a decades worth of mic retirement.

Finally our long time BFF and #Vokab spine, #GeoffNigl made the beat and song come to life.

It took one year.

We hope that by collaborating with with these uniquely different artists, with such differing voices, perspectives and communities, we can show the unity music allows-which is beyond skin color, crew, background and partisanship, and make our city proud.

PLEASE watch this. If you took part in the convo, I’m personally and specifically talking to you, not AT you-with the hopes that we can return to neutral ground over a thing that usually brings people together anyways, THE MUSIC :)

Shot and edited by Littlefoot Productions
Additional video editing by Robbie Gallo
Final editing by Spencer Groshong
Al Howard's video footage shot by Matthew Burke


Mitchy Slick Verse:
I aint' supposed to be mad at why the barely mention me
After all i recently learned about Uncle Sam's history
The biggest bamboozle was thinking that slavery was through
Voted 13th amendment so it's never been truth told
Mass incarceration works better than slaves to me
Cheap labor built the country, still does presently
Now that i understand the mission from the jump
And make all the sense and didn't shot me when they gave us Trump
Money over everything and just some slang where they bang
Prop 57 caught up cuz my people still hang
Down south and Angola got the homeboys walking round in chains
At least half of the homies that I grew up with
Have been victimized by the state and for the rest of their lives are sick
Gang injunction just another law put upon us to strip
The hope of building community and unity
Politricks set up just to help them get away with shooting me.

Burkey Verse:
Fuck the GOP and the DNC
My iPhone news
And your Fox TV
And my Facebook feed
Social media is a monopoly
Fuck Ya Bowling Green
And the DAP-L
The Keystone Pipe-line
Yo fuck my timeline
Fuck a wall - Fuck prime time
U can love the cops
But never let their shit slide
& what the fuck Is a white lie
Trump you
That's white color crime, right
Cuz they got two prisons
One- for -those -who-fight- ourselves -for -a -living
And one for those manipulating the sysTEM their vicTIMS
Live in conditIONS
Like- a mass grave
But still they still got gparachutes for big banks
THEY like Fuck your mortGAGE
And your knowledge
And I'm like fuck The elec-toral COLLEGE
But don't dis college- DAMN
They want yizzz'az ignant and dat's how they gitcha,
Make ya think it's the poor'll take ya that business
Now they like listen, if we taxed less
That's good for you, I promise
Man you think their kids drink out the tap water,
Be honest
Yo, Bernie was god to me, follow me
He called out the crooked economy by name
Them Koch bro folk them gone & got onry
Weighed it like prolly
Killing that Jew IS a folly a game
Don't make him a martyr
Instead push a farther deception
Gone take his message
Plant an inception
Shits movie script
Bring on the Ruski's now
Blip blip
Clip yb clip we
Whip lashed on this last
Smash and grab of that
Black Gold
Pat Swayze on that ass
Wolverine with my Wolfpack
Big ups Kap
But Fuck Exxon, Amway
And GoldMan Sachs
Maximus Aurelius
The people verse the villainous
The scrilla slaves come willing-ist
They instill in AHThat killin' us wit that
That keep to my lane x3
But oooh u think destined for more
You like that horse from Troy
But you ain't one of us
And NahhGunn be, boy!!!!/
These old grey haired dinosaurs
Got coal in their very souls
Thinkin' what's our oil
Doing under your mufuckin' soil?

Rob Hurt aka B3K Verse:
It is often a short walk from cops to crooks
A felon cause I got books
Magellan 'cause I've been selling my people, tell 'em explore these knooks
We've been here before but look,
Outnumbered 'em all on foot
I am the clown prince
My energy gone, tell me you cook
'Cause we gon' need food to live
Or we gon' bring heat to die
I know in my mind,
Then look to the sky
And tell 'em we all survived
Disrupt your worst laid plans
And I plan to be better than worse
The worst of it all, is hoping they fall when I should just hope to nourish
Cursing my kin
Burning our work force
From bursting within
I'm thirsting with him
Worship the sun first
Copernicus Men
Divide and concur
Awaken the monster
Better bring amour
You may be stronger
Poison my water
But we can still sabotage your helicopters
Sending my message via camouflaged through teleprompters
We've got sons and daughters
Standing on the rocks for water
Kill, Kill, Kill
She's ill, ill, ill,
Pull and pillage all her resources
Drill, drill, drill, no feels
Nah not me seller
Rob you Rockafellers
Better bring an umbrella
Cause we raining on all shelters
Helter-skelter you're the takers and the melters
Of our precious empire
Note sources, brother we overzealous
Media circus
We have a purpose
And it's for the people
They don't deserve this
Nobodies worthless
Better believe we're equal
But they believe in lethal
We here to bring upheaval
And World War 3 will never see another sequel

Alfred Howard Verse:
Hypnotized you watched the great deceiver
With every single trick up his long sleeve
What you wanted to be true
Was good enough for you
A lie that you were willing to believe
It seems that you have fallen for a con man
With hollow promises of easy fix
They pumped you full of fear
And said the end was near
And conveniently they had the cure for it
They took advantage of a changing climate
Denied til the very bitter end
Where the virtues of the truth and patience weren't for you
Where brevity is all you comprehend
This is not the land my mother made
Years my father gave
Balanced on the edge of this blade
This is not my home, it never has been
My will has grown thin
A flower left alongside the grave
It feels as if the whole world is hungover
Moving through a miserable malaise
Feels like everyone
Is crippled by their stun
Stuck between their fresh fear and their shame
Some say the sun will rise again tomorrow
But no it doesn't seem to shine the same
It will not burn out
If your whispers turn to shouts
If you fan the orange embers of a flame
So I clutch the rush of fever flashing
Refresh the stress they feed me in my feed
Hope to see some change
In the midst of all the strain
Hoping for the answer that I need
And one too many candle lights were cancelled
Couldn't go on in a world like this
So you better shine so bright
Cause we're up against the night
And the shadows always crave a full eclipse


from Small Viktories (EP), track released May 2, 2018
Produced by Geoffrey Nigl of Vokab Kompany
Written by Vokab Kompany
Lyrics by Robert Gallo aka Rob Hurt aka B3K, Matthew " Burkey" Burke, Mitchy Slick and Alfred Howard

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all rights reserved



Vokab Kompany San Diego

"A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk. You have two Emcee’s who charge sped-up lyrical flows; made to sound effortless…impressive and seamless synergy with their voices and their lyrics are playfully vivacious and positive." -Sam Dorman, NBC

San Diego band Vokab Kompany (Voted San Diego Music Award "Best Hip Hop" act 2011) has been gaining national notoriety ...
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