Me against Me feat. Souleye (prod by Stephan Jacobs) (2013)

from by Vokab Kompany



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One of the best things about the traveling circus that is the music biz is meeting those who also wish to share their shine after watching you share yours.

'Me against Me', conceptually was spawned from one of those moments. We were in SF on a triple-late-nt-day-break with a couple of bros from Sactown, when conversation lead us to the discovery that one was professional Boxer and 2 time world champion Kickboxer who goes by the name, Erik "The Hitman" Reagan. He was the nicest, unassuming fella you could ever meet. After fielding about an hour of questions (as both Bob and I have always wondered about the squared circle), I asked him how he handled all the sh*t talking those cats do in the ring, being that he's so nice? He looked at me smiled and said, "Burke, by the time I get to the ring I've already won or lost the fight. I was never fighting them, it was always me against me. This is common knowledge in places like on the golf course and in the weight room however, coming from someone who was the best in the world at something so intense, it was like a light went off when talking about the hustle and bustle of this music game.

Later that week we're in LA for a show and spending the day working on a collaboration (this song you hear) with our homie and beat-smith mogul, Stephan Jacobs. So I threw out a text to our old homie Souleye just to let we were in the area working on a new track. He and I got into a nice reunion chat, he ended up at the studio and the rest is in the tune. The theme is relevant to all of us. The only person we need to be better than is the person we were yesterday.


Shouldn't make me figure it out

Chorus (2x)-
and thats me against me
uh ah better fuel it up this time
what i thought i heard was somebody else
and i know theres no better way to invite you

V1 (Burkeybaby)
Invisible the thread that connected us
butterfly affected us
tidal wave in Thai type of chain react and tempted us
Yeah pinch it like a backend
i'll call it Karma man cuz yo it had to happen
I push and push to fuel the rush
if not first the chicken than it must have been the
and all ya needed when ya
once conceived it in ya
backspace then evolved it
and then E-and then Evolved it
a yup yup indeedy
if you ain't got a plot than the seeds just for the feeding of the birds
I guess I best be fertile with my words
I guess I'll trade my handful of dirt
for a 5th story desk full of drawers
affordable mahogany
leather bound books full of poetry
honestly i'd rather make a mockery our of hard earned irony
big big big shouts
throw my desk off the balcony
call me Valkarie.
my failed attempts at capturing all the bigger fish
just a mockery to confidence
and i'm flashing in the confidence
and laughing off the consequence
pushing rocks off the top drop proposterous
nope nothing like a gimmic
experience and give it all back in an instant
way before its vintage
i'm gone

V2 (Rob Hurt aka B3K)
So everything that I've made
And every time I hit click on that trip to engage
It's just me against me
But that took another's voice
So it's just myself

But I can use a little help
I gotta few ticks
Hopefully I fix so in the meantime I use them as a gift
Digest a liquid appetite when in my lochness
With a purpose that I can't begin to process
Procrastinate on a later date, time don't atop
I rip a hole through this black space
Create the quickest lines of travel on my babel
And at the other end you waited for arrival
Approached your body with a smile
But ya bright light lit through the air
Like a moth onto a street light
So much attraction
I'm back to back
Toe to toe
Tit for tat
Tap tidal wave dancing
And she's in better shape than I am
Saw her glowing
And in the belly of that nature
It was growing
But not the time or the place
Nor the rhyme or my space
Called for me to be responsible for owning
And so again it was I against I
And then an eye for an eye
Till the sky see's me floating

Ch (2x)-

V3 (Souleye)
You are invited
And Im delighted
By the invitation
The Temptation
To raise the temperature
Heat It Up
When the place gets cold
Embrace the Soul
A man of Bravery told me
He Said
If you are searching for something
First close your eyes
And Look Inside
Then see what you will find
When Silence is your Guide
It Provides you with the Ultimate
Unlimited given the fact
That there's no time limits
Give up the silly gimmicks
Come on now why we Living
Are you Running or Not
Afraid to Die
If its I against I
Then its me against me
And the only Outcome
Shall set us Free

Ch (out)


from V​-​Sides Vol. 1 (Kollabs and Remixes), released December 21, 2013
Me against Me by Vokab Kompany
Produced by Stephan Jacobs
featuring Souleye
Additional vocals by A. Rose Jackson

Vocals written and performed by Vokab Kompany.
*Souleye vocals written and performed by Souleye.
Vocal engineering and mixing by JayWat Production.
Additional vocal engineering and mixing by Stephan Jacobs.
Mastered by Eric Oberthaler


all rights reserved



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